Coming Home.

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My boyfriend Max is finally coming home today.  He is such a talented skater and is insanely creative.  He is the one behind the camera for my blog!  Even after a long day of skating, he always is up for shooting photos with me no matter what!  Thanks Maxito!  He traveled to Monterrey Mexico to give a skate demo for Cripta Wheels.  They are an amazing wheel company out of Mexicali.  Check out Cripta and Max’s wheels!


I will be going out shooting tonight!  I promise more outfit posts soon….
thank you guys so much for reading my blog.. it means the world to me!!

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    I wish you and your boy friend a joyous reunion….mine is possibly going to Mumbai, India and I will miss him sooooo much! Aren’t our true loves in our lives the ones who are so extremely supportive in what we do? I’m with you, girl, they should be recognized and appreciated to the fullest degree!!

    Skater Girl who loves her Skater Boy<3 :)

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