Dulce Vida

Here are a few things I can’t live without…
1. Thai Patio  on Hollywood blvd- hands down best tofu pad thai.. .they also have thai ice tea frappes..YUM!
2. Vermont St. – is home to the famous Figaro Cafe, Fred 62,  and, the vintage Vista Theater
3. Frosty looking leaves in the summer time
4. My love for ballet and jewelry have always been neck and neck
5. Favorite Ramone
6. I am a boot girl…these are who I roll with(:
7. Gabriela Artigas rings & minty nail polish by Essie
8. My new favorite thrift find – Barbara Bui velvet top
9. The best castle in East Hollywood
10. Some real good airplane reading material – I get so inspired by the history of skateboard art
11. Hysteric Glamour headphones – I stole these bad boys from my boyfriend Max. One phone is broken…but still… I will never part with these!!
Thank you all for your lovely comments! I enjoy reading all of them(: I am quite new to the blogging world and I appreciate all the support you guys are giving me!! xoxoxo

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