body and soul

(Perks and Mini shrimp Chanel tee, Isabel Marant shorts, Celine bag, Acne boots)

Perks and Mini is my go-to for t-shirts….they always make me chuckle.  I fell in love with this fresh take on the famous Chanel logo!  I loooove shrimp and of course, Chanel.  
I spent the day hanging out with my best friends Molly and Josh at their tattoo shop…some have you have asked if I have tattoo’s…and yes, they are all done by Molly Mae Hanlon of Body and Soul tattoo!
(I will do a post on my tattoos soon!)
I basically goofed around all day with them…eating pizza, listening to music, and real talk with my homies.  There is no better feeling than having friends you can always count on…right?!
(Photos by Josh M.)

(Location-San Fernando Valley via Molly)

OH, by the way, I was introduced to an AMAZING hair stylist today!
Meet Bailie!
She has just started her very own beauty blog (which will be featuring how to’s on my blog soon)
I never really take time with my hair. Usually, I just get out of the shower, blow dry, and MAYBE some product.  I love that classic “bed head” look – so, Bailie gave me the ultimate defined bed head today!


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