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(Perks and Mini t-shirt, Isabel Marant skirt, vintage bowlers hat, Balenciaga boots, Tsumori Chisato socks) Leave it to PAM (aka Perks and Mini) to come up with the most original tee designs!! Just a quick outfit post for today!  Hope you all had a lovely weekend :) -Lauren (Photos by Molly Mae)


velvet crush

(top, hat, and boots by Acne, Rag & Bone jeans, Katie Lincoln Doria cuff) Wearing all black and velvet on a 100 degree day…totally normal right? I just couldn’t help myself! :)  I hope you all are having a beautiful week! Instagram @adornlafemme Bloglovin @adornlafemme -Lauren (Photos by Molly Mae)


summer asymmetry

(Hope blouse, J Brand shorts, Woman by Common Projects heels, Zara bag, Celine sunnies) Give me more muted colors pleeeaaase! (:  Taupes and tans are great transitional colors. I always find myself working them into my autumn wardrobe.  Living in Southern California, its safe to say that these sandals will still be able to see
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cat in the hat

(A for Audrey dress turned top, Creatures of Comfort linen shorts, A detacher sandals) I got up and decided to dress like I lived in the 70’s today :) Best advice I have ever given myself; rework an old piece in your closet! This white top I am wearing used to be a knee length
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silver saturdays

Acne hat & Celine Sandals Pamela Love rings & Katie Lincoln bracelet Hair DesignAccess AKA “The Ultimate Barrette”  A few of my favorite things pictured above. Don’t get me wrong, I looooove gold. But, silver always wins my heart! Are you a silver or gold girl?! Do share!  I hope you’re all having a nice
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rosy blue hue

(Acne shirt, Proenza Schouler knit shorts, Saint Laurent shoes, Celine sunnies) Hey hey guys! I caught the last of the golden hour today. Even though it was for a brief moment I felt so thankful to feel the warm sun on my skin. Wowzers, the sun really does wonders for the soul :) I went
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5 chainz

(Alexander Wang shirt, Acne pants, Celine sunglasses, Acne boots, Monet-vintage necklace) I havent worn pinstripes in forever! Totally fell in love with Acne’s take on the classic :) Hope you guys are having a nice week! Follow me on Bloglovin and Instagram if you haven’t already! -Lauren (Photos by Molly Mae)


into the fire

(Photos by Rafaela Carrillo) Adventures in Malibu with Rafaela and friends!  I was so happy to see my Rafffffi this past weekend and shoot photos with these ladies! If you have a second, check out Rafaela’s work. Her photos express what a truly free-spirited and joyful individual she really is.  Stay tuned for an outfit
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tucked n’ overalls out

(Topshop shirt/overalls, Calvin Klein espadrilles, Etten Eller necklace) One of the many perks of living in the southwest…..IN N’ OUT :) Who says you can’t be a vegetarian and still eat it?! I always get my grilled cheese “animal style” with extra pickles! NOM!! Trying to beat this LA heatwave in the lightest of denim
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neapolitan daisy

(Chloe top, Patrik Ervell daisy jeans, Chloe heels, Celine bag) I love mixing prints and stripes together, but still playing around in the same color palette. It creates a fun and chic “city girl on the go” look. BTW- Molly Mae’s first tattoo is shown in picture #5. I feel so honored that I was
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