IMG_5811Look Du Jour

Assembly hooded parka

Assembly camisole

Acne jeans

Acne star boots

Hermes Kelly Dog

I am absolutely loving the details of this parka by Assembly New York. I gravitated towards it because I honestly haven’t had anything camouflage since the 3rd grade, so this is makes me super giddy-also the fact that its a jacquard makes it feel like an heirloom that has been in my family for years. Hell yeah, cheers to the new Assembly Los Angeles boutique (just opened on Melrose)!

Kisses, Lauren

simply leather

(Morgan Carper vest, Rag & Bone jeans, Acne boots, Zara bag, Super sunnies)

I just may have found my new favorite denim.  Rag & Bone is rocking my jean world right now!!
Hope you’re having a nice weekend! 
(photos by Dandee Ronruen)

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