knit me a sweater

(Isabel Marant sweater/body suit, Reformation skirt, Celine bag, Super sunnies)

I am probably going to live in this IM sweater coat thingy for the next couple of months….it kind of puts me in the holiday spirit for some weird reason.
Hope you guys have a happy turkey day!

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(Photos by Molly Mae)

neon fall

(JF & Son top/skirt, Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony clogs, Illesteva sunnies, Celine bag)

Autumn in L.A. is so unpredictable…you never know what you’re gonna get as far as weather goes. Today’s warmth was a pleasant opportunity to wear my new set from JF & Son.
I adore this peachy color with a splash of bold lines and neon pop.
I spent the day with my bestie at LACMA(Los Angeles County Museum of Art).
There was so many great installation pieces that were a great play with this look; the lines, the colors, the shapes and sizes practically go hand in hand.
There will be some special news on adorn la femme soon…so stay tuned!!
Hope you’re having a great Tuesday!
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(Photos by Molly Mae)

dreaming of paris

(Agent Provocateur lingerie, Isabel Marant trousers, Celine bag, Katherine Lincoln/Isabel Marant/Hermes bracelets, APC pin)

I wish I could just escape away to Paris sometimes….who is with me on this?!
Oh by the way, this tea is the jam…I picked it up at a random farmers market in San Diego and it has become my new favorite…might switch to drinking this stuff instead of coffee!
Hope you are having a nice weekend!

open roads

(Reformation skirt, Helmut Lang t-shirt, Isabel Marant wedges, Celine bag, Katherine Lincoln/hermes bracelets, Kyle Chan necklace)

Today marks my last day of vacation in San Diego…I had taken the week off for my birthday and had amazing adventures here with my incredible family and best friends…Molly and Josh, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Being with family really opens your eyes and always makes everything better no matter what state of mind your in! 
I can’t wait to show you guys a necklace and bracelet set that my beautiful best friend Molly gave to me (I am wearing it here but I will do a close up soon)….so stay tuned for the next post!
Thank you all for reading my blog…it has been such a rad journey and I love sharing it with you.

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