Washington, I miss you.

(Boyfriends t-shirt, United Bamboo cardigan, Marant skirt/boots, Chloe bag)

I went to visit my boyfriends hometown in Olympia, WA this past March. Once I walked off that plane, I instantly fell in love. There is something so magical about the silver, smokey clouds combined with sea of tall and mysterious evergreen trees. Just being in a small town surrounded by mom & pop coffee shops, record stores, and people who have the kindest of hearts. Living in LA, I forget how nice it is to escape to a slower pace of life and just be at peace.
I love my city, but Washington, you have my heart <3
P.S. stealing this t-shirt from my BF, inspired me to write this post!
Where are the most favorite places you have traveled to??
(Photos by Tom Carter)

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