rocky sand

(Agent Provocateur Lyssandra swimsuit,  Isabel Marant frilly briefs)

Getting up at the break of dawn to see the sun come up is such an experience-what better way to do so at the beach?!
The warm bath-like water washed away the morning chill. It was 75 degrees at 5am, so I went for a refreshing swim!  Really starting to feel like summer LA….it’s about time!
(Photos by Max Barrera)

craving this

Yum yum :)

black & yellow

(Rodarte x Target dress, Isabel Marant Kady jacket)
 I couldn’t just wear this frilly dress by itself – but pairing it with something a little more rugged, made sense to me. 
I am also trying out this hot pink lipstick out…it is called Schiap by Nars.  I love how it gives a sleek matte finish. 

(Photos by Max Barrera)

daily dose

(Alexander Wang shredded top-old, Isabel Marant belt, Acne jeans, OC clogs)

I ran to my local market to load up on cold beverages and icy pops this morning.  Hopefully going to Venice Beach later to relax/enjoy a little bit of my summer….it flew by so fast right?! 

(Photos by Max Barrera)


(Photos by Alexander Ceron & me)

This is what our “family day” looks like.  It usually consists of Max taking my outfit photos followed by walking our dog, and finally of me taking photos of him.
I got into skate photography about a year ago.  Max is a pro-skateboarder from Mexico City….his talent and persistence inspires me every day.  I fell in love with catching that special moment when he makes his trick.  
I used this location in my Gold Rush post a few weeks ago. Turns out that skate spots make AMAZING locations for blog posts!  
We like getting things done…its almost like killing 3 birds with one stone :)

ice cream break

(vintage Yes t-shirt, Isabel Marant belt)

I had the day off today…I slept until noon and had some mint chocolate chip goodness for breakfast!
Stay tuned for an outfit post! 

camo sparkle

(Emma cook tank, Isabel Marant shorts, Givenchy wedges)

If  “My Little Pony” were shorts!! 
Creatures of Comfort on Melrose is my go-to boutique to get my Isabel Marant fix.  I love how the girls at creatures  know my every like! 
Thanks Sophie, Nerisa, and Sandra for always keeping LA lookin’ fresh!!

(Photos by Max Barrera)

hurricane Isabel

I always get so excited for the Isabel Marant fall collection…she kills it EVERY time!  These are the pieces I am hoping to snag.

pleated white

(Acne blouse, Reformation shorts, Karen Walker belt, Celine boots)

Photos by Max Barrera


Sunday Inspiration- Judy Linn photography of the one and only, Patti Smith.
The boyfriend is back in town…so stay tuned for an outfit post tomorrow!
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