Okay…so for the past 6 months, I have needed to get a new pair of black basic booties…I think these will do the trick!  I most definitely splurged….but I am all for amazing quality/design when it comes to my boots!  Thanks to Celine, the hunt is over! 

babe behind the lens

Introducing my beautiful and talented boyfriend Max!  He is the one who takes all my photos for the blog!  Just thought I would share!!
Stay tuned for an outfit post..coming up soon!

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th of July everyone!  I hope you all have a beautiful day with your family and friends!!
I am off to a BBQ with close friends…I will be stuffing my face while watching fireworks :) man, do I love summer!!

kaleidoscope eyes

(Acne top, vintage skirt, Givenchy sandals)

This neon-burst of a skirt has been with me through thick and thin…I got it years ago…but every time I see it hanging in my closet,  it strikes me as new.  I remember traipsing around Ocean Beach (when I used to live in San Diego) dragging this skirt through wet sand and long summer nights in Tijuana MX!  It is almost like a baby blanket that I can’t part with. I love challenging myself on how I will wear it next! 
Do you guys have any pieces like that in your wardrobe?  
(Photos by Max Barrera)

strange brew

(Acne blazer, vintage striped blouse, Reformation shorts, Alexander Wang criss- cross bra)

Just a quick outfit post before work!!
I am off to see the last of the X-Games…hope everyone has a great sunday!
(Photo by Max Barrera)

gold rush

 (Gianfranco Ferre dress, Isabel Marant heels, Chloe bag, Illesteva sunglasses)

Who says your “little black dress” can’t have some gold in it?!!
Happy wednesday! 
(Photos by Max Barrera)

blue bell

(Topshop Organza top/skirt, Devlaux bag, Celine sandals)

Its sad that sometimes I spend my saturday nights at home online shopping….
I made a visit to the Topshop web-store where I came across this super cute set (totally worth giving up my social life for a night) in this amaaaazing aqua blue! 
These shots were taken in downtown LA…the boyfriend discovered this abandoned train one day while skating down here….I love him..he always picks the best locations to take photos! Muchas gracias Maxito! 
I hope you guys are having a nice sunday!!

gritty clean

(Vintage Armani blouse/trousers, Pierre Cardin sunglasses, OC clogs)

(Hair/make-up by Thelma Macias)

A shoot that I did a while back with Rafaela! We went downtown with her nikon fm 50 mm…I forgot I had these images on my computer…thought I would share with you! 
This suit was my mom’s from back in the day…she gave it to me and it is so special to me…it is fun mixing these pieces with things in my wardrobe and even better when wearing them together!! Thanks momma (:

(Photos by Rafaela Carillo)


patch me up

The latest spring/summer collection from Surface to Air makes me want to throw away my beat up- ratty denim….or possibly embrace them by sewing some patches of my own! 
Just loving this idea!! 

Creature of lace

My favorite pieces for summer that I will be living in! 
(1st pic: Isabel Marant bodysuit/tank & Emma Cook top)
(2nd pic: Reformation skirt-they always make the best one-of-a-kind gems)
Happy Saturday! 
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