(Hysteric Glamour sweater, Isabel Marant skirt, Therese Rawsthorne tights)

Most random and awkward tights I own. Leave it to Therese! 
(Photos by Max Barrera)


(Reformation blouse, Acne jeans, Givenchy wedges, Karen Walker sunnies)

I had been eyeing this beautiful vintage 1920s blouse from Reformation.  I went in to see if they still had it so I could get my daily dose of eye candy….but my fear had come true…someone must have scooped it up…it was not there anymore!  I asked out of curiosity to see if they had sold it (not getting my hopes up) keeping my fingers crossed that they still had it.
One of the Ref girls rummaged their back stock room and she came out glowing with the  blouse in hand!! It was meant to be….I had to finally bite the bullet and buy it!  I feel like these certain situations are happening to me a lot lately….hmmmm. 
(Photos by Max Barrera)

oh Madeline

(Opening Ceremony dress, Givenchy wedges, Chloe bag)

I was definitely bringing out my inner Madeline when I got dressed this morning. By Madeline, I mean the illustrated character in the children’s books- I loved when my mom would read me the stories as a kid.  I adored Madeline because she was feisty, strong willed, and always knew how to stand out in a crowd! I don’t know why, but this dress reminded me of the character! 
Anyway, I picked this dress up along with the wedges at Nordstroms-I scored them on sale!  Wayyy stoked….
I hope you guys are having a good week!
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(Photos by Max Barrera)

gold coast

welcome home

I will definitely be breaking these in come summer!! 

candy stripes

(Isabel Marant shirt/trousers)

Crazy day today. I ran errands and did A LOT of laundry!  I feel like time flies by so fast when you have a day off..
Oh well, at least I rewarded myself with my favorite guilty pleasure…In-N- Out grilled cheese!
(Photos by Max Barrera)

Breezy touch

        Ace & Jig dress, Rodarte x Target jacket, Isabel Marant boots/scarf 

I hate “June Gloom”….I am always so cold in the morning-so I will dress all bundled up and then suffer in my warm outfit choice later on. Today, I threw on this light/guaze dress and remembered to wear it with pieces that I could take off as I got warmer throughout the day! 
I had prepared myself for “June Gloom” I am proud of myself! 
I hope you guys are having a nice weekend! xx

(Photos by Max Barrera)

Celine Spring RTW

My favorite looks from Celine..
Ok, so I need a pair of long black gloves now please!! :)
I have had such a busy week…I am off to work…but I am working on an outfit post for tomorrow…so
check back!!

crochet & jeans

(Alexander Wang button down, Isabel Marant body suit, Hurley boyfriend shorts, Rachel Comey boots, Hysteric Glamour bag)

These are all of my summer staples jumbled into one.  
Come summer, these Hurley bf shorts ALWAYS make an appearance.
I am probably way too obsessed with this crochet onesie…this piece is so fun to dress up or down.. the best part is that it  keeps me cool in this hot weather! 
American Apparel always nails it with their body suits…I want one in ballet pink!
This sheer button down is fun to pair with a cute black dress- or to wear it super laid back w/ some denim! 
Finally, the bag I am wearing here is pretty old, but I will never part with it.  I’ll never forget when I discovered Hysteric Glamour years ago; it was like hearing The Beatles for the first time! Anyways, it is a part of my collection that I will never let go :)
What are some of your summer staples? 


(Emma Cook top, Reformation shorts, Robert Clergerie platforms, Julia Rolfman bracelets)

Just got back to LA after a long weekend in San Diego.  I spent time with the familia going to the beach, cooking, and being carefree! 
After the long drive, I had to make a pit stop at my favorite smoothie joint on Franklin Blvd.
Its called RAW. They have the best organic smoothies…it is so hard for me to choose from their HUGE     
menu! Today, I had their signature French Toast smoothie…I can’t even describe how yummy this is..if you are in the area…GO! 
I hope you guys had a great weekend with your loved ones!! xx

(Photos by Max Barrera)
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