into the fire

(Photos by Rafaela Carrillo)

Adventures in Malibu with Rafaela and friends! 
I was so happy to see my Rafffffi this past weekend and shoot photos with these ladies!
If you have a second, check out Rafaela’s work. Her photos express what a truly free-spirited and joyful individual she really is. 
Stay tuned for an outfit post! 

dogs took me for a walk

(Acne dress, Balenciaga boots, Super sunglasses, 4 naughty dogs)

Home sweet home in San Diego!
Came down to visit the parents and go to the beach because I just quit my job! Don’t worry…it was the right thing for me to do! 
Meet my extended family- Boo Boo, Milo, Joy, and Lucy
Have you ever seen so many dogs on one walk?!  I can tell you that I  have gained a lot respect for dog walkers!!
(Photos by my dad)


I hope you all had a nice Memorial Day.
My boyfriend and I got a puppy over the weekend!
Her name is Maggy- a soft and snuggly Boston Terrier :)
I have been in proud mom mode for the past couple of days (taking obnoxious amounts of photos) hehe.
I am working on an outfit post for tomorrow – so stay tuned! xoxo

laundry day

(VPL top, Acne shorts, Agent Provocateur bikini top, Woman by Common Projects sneakers, vintage Knox bowlers hat)
What up Van Nuys,  CA?!  
Just moved to THE VALLEY, and i’ve been…LIKE…SUPER BUSY! haha, just kidding valley girls.
I am finally catching up on my day to day to-do’s. 
Monday = laundry day.
Went for a polished athletic look today with my VPL crop top. It really saved me in this valley heat.
I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve missed you! xoxo
(Photos by Molly Mae)

Marant Philes

I just found out how to get my daily fix of Isabel Marant street style and inspiration.
Meet the blogger behind The Marant Philes- Aliyah :) 
Love love love!

studded dreams

(American Apparel crop top, Isabel Marant shorts/sandals, Chloe bag, Super Lucia sunnies)

Can you believe I’ve had this American Apparel top for 6 years?! It is one of my favorite pieces that I own and it goes with practically anything!
 Did I also mention it is suppppperrr comfy to sleep in?!
(Photos by Molly Mae)

got the blues

(Gifted-Creatures of Comfort top/shorts, Isabel Marant wedges, Michael Kors watch, Miu Miu glasses)

Hanging around San Diego in this 2 piece set has never been more fun. This is such a super easy and classic look! I literally just threw it on with some light accessorizing and I was good to go. I have been a loyal client of COC on Melrose ave. for years now; and when they decided to start their own line I was beyond stoked! 
Thank you Sophie, Nerisa, and Sandra!!
Shop this look here :)
(Photos by my momma)

goodbye horses

(Acne blazer, Alexander Wang shirt, Rag & Bone jeans, Givenchy wedges, Zara bag, vintage hat)

I always forget about this muted blazer. I love
how the color and length give an awkward lab coat/dentist vibe that I just can’t resist. 
(Photos by Molly Mae)

weird transitions

(3.1 Phillip Lim shirt, Rag & Bone jeans, Acne boots, Miu Miu sunnies, Chloe bag)

Change is considered scary. Fear of the unknown terrifies most people, myself included.  The order you have in your life will always shift…nothing will ever be a sure thing.  Things in my life are changing right now at this very moment…am I scared? Yes, very!  
So the other day, to relieve some stress, my friend Molly and I took a trip to the Los Angeles Zoo.  I finally got out of my head, saw the meerkats (my true spirit animal), and realized how change is an awesome thing. It leads you to new adventures and opportunities to grow as a person. I say embrace all change because you never know where and who it will lead to!
(Photos by Molly Mae)

My creature

(Creatures of Comfort Fall ’13 RTW)

I guess you could say that I have a strong attachment to Creatures of Comfort.  You have probably heard me yap about them before, but seriously, this store is just too rad. Ever since I bought my first Emma Cook top there, I was hooked!  They always have the newest and freshest pieces on Melrose!  
Jade, the designer/buyer of C.O.C, just showed her Fall line in New York, and my oh my!  All I can say is HOLY TEXTURE!  Can’t wait to get my hands on that grey quilted minnie!
Favorite shows of NYFW?? Do share!!
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