body and soul

(Perks and Mini shrimp Chanel tee, Isabel Marant shorts, Celine bag, Acne boots)

Perks and Mini is my go-to for t-shirts….they always make me chuckle.  I fell in love with this fresh take on the famous Chanel logo!  I loooove shrimp and of course, Chanel.  
I spent the day hanging out with my best friends Molly and Josh at their tattoo shop…some have you have asked if I have tattoo’s…and yes, they are all done by Molly Mae Hanlon of Body and Soul tattoo!
(I will do a post on my tattoos soon!)
I basically goofed around all day with them…eating pizza, listening to music, and real talk with my homies.  There is no better feeling than having friends you can always count on…right?!
(Photos by Josh M.)

(Location-San Fernando Valley via Molly)

OH, by the way, I was introduced to an AMAZING hair stylist today!
Meet Bailie!
She has just started her very own beauty blog (which will be featuring how to’s on my blog soon)
I never really take time with my hair. Usually, I just get out of the shower, blow dry, and MAYBE some product.  I love that classic “bed head” look – so, Bailie gave me the ultimate defined bed head today!


moon me

(Sources-yimmyayo & Charlotte Olympia)

I am OBSESSED with this thing…the best part it that is has a face-a very pretty, shiny, delicate face!
I love the way Leandra is rocking in it this picture.
Goodnight….I am off to sleep now…and will probably be dreaming of this metallic piece of goodness :)

sunshine of your love

(Alexander Wang dress, Chloe vest)

Re-wearing my favorite dress but laying it with one of my favorite Wasteland finds…fall is a very creative season, change is in the air, and finding refreshing new ways to wear your old standbys brings a happy state of mind.
What dress are you trying to re-introduce this autumn?

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(Photos by Matt Dimesky)

that sweet life

I go to this restaurant religiously when I am in San diego….good food and surroundings are all you need sometimes!
Isn’t this bike AMAZING?! 

open roads

(Reformation skirt, Helmut Lang t-shirt, Isabel Marant wedges, Celine bag, Katherine Lincoln/hermes bracelets, Kyle Chan necklace)

Today marks my last day of vacation in San Diego…I had taken the week off for my birthday and had amazing adventures here with my incredible family and best friends…Molly and Josh, I LOVE YOU GUYS!
Being with family really opens your eyes and always makes everything better no matter what state of mind your in! 
I can’t wait to show you guys a necklace and bracelet set that my beautiful best friend Molly gave to me (I am wearing it here but I will do a close up soon)….so stay tuned for the next post!
Thank you all for reading my blog…it has been such a rad journey and I love sharing it with you.

secret escape

broken shadows from Lauren Dimesky on Vimeo.

(Zara blouse/skirt, Celine boots, Super sunglasses)
San Diego will always have a special place in my heart. I am honestly so happy to be back for a week with my family.  It is also starting to feel like Fall here and I am so stoked!  I made myself a pumpkin spice latte in honor of the chilly/crisp weather!

Hope you guys are having a good week.


(Photos and video edit by Max Barrera)

relaxed sundays

show me love from Lauren Dimesky on Vimeo.

(Alexander Wang shirt /Joana oxfords, Isabel Marant trousers)
(Photos and video edit by Max Barrera)
Relaxing Sunday in downtown Los Angeles with Max….I am officially on my vacation! My birthday is next week and I can’t wait to see my familia in San Diego!
Hope you guys are having a great weekend.

Hope you enjoyed the video! 


running away

runningaway from Lauren Dimesky on Vimeo.

(Agent Provocateur Rosalie slip/choker/bracelets, Acne boots)

I had probably too much fun making this video (as you can tell by my twirling skills) – the music is by The Jesus and the Mary Chain-My Little Underground. Max edited this-and is really proud and can’t wait to show you guys!
I think its fun doing video especially for style blogs so you can see movement – changin’ it up!

I had this slip in my hold bag at work for almost a year and it finally came home with me today-I hope you guys enjoyed the video blog :)

until next time,
(Photos & video edit by Max Barrera)

darker but lighter

(April 77 jacket, Agent Provocateur dress, Isabel Marant heels, Super sunglasses)

Staples-waxed moto jacket, long-but sheer black dress, red heels.
I felt soooo easy breezy all day in this dress…its super fancy alone and would be great to wear to a black tie event….but lets be honest here…when the hell am I going to go to one of those?!  So seeing it sad and lonely in my closet- I decided to make it friends with this pretty badass moto jacket.
(Photos by Max Barrera)

falling for fall

My wish list at Creatures of Comfort– it really never ends…my goal is to eventually buy out the store…just kidding…heehee
Oh jeez….what am I going to do?!! I am honestly dying over the Karl pin!
What do you guys have your eye on?

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