ruched sternum


Look Du Jour

L’agence dress

Balenciaga sandals

Sorrelle Teresa hoops

Never thought I would wear a “Deep V Neck” ever again, but this dress met every qualification to disregard that thought. I wanted to keep it more laid back, so I paired it with some low heeled sandals to keep it true to me. Our dry Summer nights here in CA, inspire me to be more daring! How about you you guys?

Kisses, Lauren

(Photos by Eve Dimesky)

happy 4th birthday adorn la femme!


Wow, four years certainly does fly by. I’ll never forget the day I saved up enough money to buy my Canon Rebel and immediately started shooting for Adorn la Femme. Having my blog has been the most gratifying and blissful experience to date. Sharing my love of style and inspiration with you is the most rewarding part of my day. Through my blog, I have learned to be myself, trust my instincts, and approach creativity in a whole new way. But most of all, connecting with you and sharing our mutual love of personal style, is the icing on the damn cake! I want to thank each and everyone of you for reading along!

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Kisses, Lauren






Look Du Jour

Vintage Cacharel blouse

C.F. Goldman bralette

Zara jeans – here

Alexander McQueen mules

By Boe necklace

Experimenting with Summer layering-I picked up this vintage blouse at Assembly LA-its the perfect lightweight button down in a dreamy peach tone. I love the contrast between sheer and solid fabrics, and was determined to, as Tim Gun would say, “make it work”.

Kisses, Lauren

(Photos by Eve Dimesky)

natural neon


Look Du Jour

Elizabeth & James Evona wrap dress

Intentionally Blank mules

Celine bag

Cedros Design District-Solana Beach, CA, 6/5/2015

Just hanging out with some plant life in a gauzy spring trench! But seriously though, aren’t these tall grass stalks the best things ever? I honestly would love to have a room full of these guys! Just looking at something so vividly green everyday, would make me feel so alive.

Kisses, Lauren



Look Du Jour

Tabula Rasa sweater

Vintage pleated skirt

Coach rivet sling-backs

Celine bag

I spent the day exploring the seaside neighborhoods in La Jolla yesterday. Every street corner I turned, the ocean was in full sight looking it’s deepest & most hypnotizing blue.  If you ever visit San Diego, make sure to check out Bird Rock-it’s mind-blowing.

Side note* I bought this skirt because I honestly had nothing like it, and I’m pretty stoked -it’s totally giving me Celine vibes which I’m not mad about.  This one here was a close second <3

 Kisses, Lauren

bleached beach


Look Du Jour

Sandy Liang halter top

Acne Studios jeans

Valentino bag

Intentionally Blank Honcho mules

I introduce you to Sandy Liang, my newest current obsession. Words can’t even describe what I feel for this young pup fresh out of design school. Her SS15 collection is a 90’s dream. Now excuse me while I go dye my hair 5 shades of blue..or pink.

Kisses, Lauren

unforgettable flowerette memories


Look Du Jour

Bebe top (from middle school archive) this is cute too

Acne Studios pop vintage jeans

Coach rivet sling-backs

Mansur Gavriel bucket bag

Ahh… the good ol’ days of middle school when we would go to the mall with just 25 dollars in our pockets to pick out that special piece to wear to school the next day.  The top I’m wearing was one of my all time favorite pieces, must have worn it a gazillion times.  It was retired in my closet for over a decade when I decided it needed to make a re-appearace!  Some special spell this little number has on me..I just can’t part.

How about you guys?  Is there anything you could never part with?!

Kisses, Lauren






IMG_5811Look Du Jour

Assembly hooded parka

Assembly camisole

Acne jeans

Acne star boots

Hermes Kelly Dog

I am absolutely loving the details of this parka by Assembly New York. I gravitated towards it because I honestly haven’t had anything camouflage since the 3rd grade, so this is makes me super giddy-also the fact that its a jacquard makes it feel like an heirloom that has been in my family for years. Hell yeah, cheers to the new Assembly Los Angeles boutique (just opened on Melrose)!

Kisses, Lauren

my first Ted Talk (if I were invited to give one)

IMG_5556Look Du Jour for a TED Talk

vintage pleated midi skirt 

Intentionally Blank Honcho sling-backs


Why I want to give a Ted Talk:

I would be thrilled to be invited to give a TedTalk . I’ve watched at least a hundred of these on the Internet and each of them has changed me forever in a good way!  The three that I’ve watched at least 5x each are by Tavi Gevinson on female role models, Susan Caine on why the world needs introverts , and Tony Robbins on why we do what we do .  I now realize I’m not crazy and my brain is working exactly as it is supposed to, thanks to these forward thinking and brilliant speakers!

What would be the subject of my Ted Talk:

Bullying is the number one thing on my mind today.  It is a subject stirs my anxiety and gives me heartache to know that there are kids out there in the world who are currently suffering just as I did more than a decade ago.  When I was in middle school, my fellow classmates bullied me mercilessly and called me names such as “animal” because I was a little disheveled (I hadn’t learned the art of fashion yet) and “dimental” as a play on my last name (Dimesky).  I never told a single sole: not my parents, my teachers, my friends, my brother, nor anyone at all.  I simply suffered in silence, all alone, soaking my pillow every night with my tears.

How could I help someone with my Ted Talk:

In my talk I would tell my audience how important it is to reach out to every child you know and to talk to them about bullying.  I would tell them to spread the word how important it is to stop the cycle and there is no reason for anyone to suffer the humiliation and lowered self-esteem caused by this cruel phenomenon.  I would show them the video by Barack Obama, the president of the United States, who claims it is unequivocally wrong, not to be tolerated, and that we must all work together to stop it. I would fervently address my audience and ask that they pledge to take a stand and become an advocate for kids who are victimized and need the help of an adult who has the power to do something.

I would finish my Ted Talk with one of the most beautiful and compelling anti- bullying poems ever written by Shane Koyczan. Before walking off the stage, I would tell everyone to contact me if they know any child who needs someone to talk to.  It will be my pleasure to be that powerful voice which I had never known.

What I would wear and why:

Since this talk is extremely important and includes a call to action, I want to present myself as both an empowering and feminine woman.  To achieve my look, my shoes should be black with a low heel.  The shoes will help me to look steady, grounded, and unwavering as I speak.  My choice for a skirt is a long ivory midi to represent my feminine and classic side.  A long sleeved black or ivory buttoned down blouse with collar (still searching for the perfect one) will be the final piece!

Would you ever like to give a TED Talk?  What were your experiences as a child? Were you ever bullied?  What subject would you choose for your TED Talk?  Is there anyone you would like to help in dealing with a difficult situation?  Let’s hear your point of view- please leave a comment!

Kisses, Lauren



Look Du Jour:

Roxana Salehoun velvet daisy two piece

Kisses, Lauren

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