Muted Butterfly


(Elizabeth and James dress, Isabel Marant boots, Lili Claspe “rope the moon” necklace)

Rancho Santa Fe 4/19/15

One of the most magical places in Southern California, has to be the secret allure of Rancho Santa Fe-where there are beautiful golden overgrown fields, horse stables sitting upon hills overlooking sapphire blue ocean, never-ending citrus groves…I just get lost here. Today, I went out to brunch with my mom, and we decided to take some pictures by one of my favorite empty fields. In the Spring and Summer you’ll always find me wearing a maxi dress-whether I’m at the beach, or running around the city, they will always work for my hectic “always on the go” schedule!



P.S. *Remember accessories are key if you want to change your look from day to night-If you want to take your day dress into the night, add subtle chic metallics(shoes or clutch) and add a simple (light) smokey eye.

(Photos by Eve)

pink fringy giraffe


(Creatures of Comfort fringe dress, Superga sneakers, One Truffle clutch, Rodarte jewelry)

Hey guys!

What to say about this outfit…well, lets just put it this way, if you want to be stylish but warm at the same time, go with a knit maxi dress! The Creatures one I am wearing kept me so warm at Venice Beach the other day(and I am always cold). So this definitely passed the fashion and functionality test! Don’t ya just love when that happens?!



P.S. Try to base your outfit around a photo that inspires you. I was sifting through my old inspo photos, and I came across a photo of an abundance of pink flowers(the one pictured above)-the color influenced my outfit choice-try this sometime…you won’t believe the results you get!

(Photos by Eve)

matchy matchy


(Reformation romper, Sonia Rykiel bag, Superga sneakers)

Hey guys!

Can you tell I have a slight obsession with stars?! There is just something about them that I’m drawn to. I got dressed today and thought to myself…star overload?…never!

I spent the day romping around Del Mar San Diego. If you ever get a chance to make it down there, head down to Seagrove park. It is so peaceful and serene and you might even be able to catch a wedding (I’m a sucker for weddings!) 



P.S. Try to match your outfit with an a fun accessory for a touch of rock and roll glam!

(Photos by Eve)

lounge lizard


(Chanel Camellia white lace halter swimsuit)

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to escape from LA for a couple of days to visit my parents in San Diego! My mom and I decided to take a spa day at the lovely Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa-which is literally right around the corner from her house! (weeeee!)

The swimsuit I decided to wear is a older runway Chanel-I am starting to explore the underground world of swimwear…there are so many styles and fabrics that don’t get enough exposure. My goal is to bring you guys the most fun, unexpected, and inspiring swimsuit creations that I find! (remember all these posts will be under my beach vibes page)

I hope you guys are getting excited about summer-happy swimsuit hunting!!



P.S. Just because you are at the beach or pool, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your jewelry- try adding a simple earring or bracelet to give your look a touch of class!

(Photos by Eve)

little ant

IMG_3655 IMG_3720 IMG_3736 IMG_3740 IMG_3774

(Creatures of Comfort Phillipa dress, Superga sneakers, Super sunnies, Hermes cuff)

With Summer being right around the corner, our desert heat is starting to become a lot more apparent. I always find myself wearing something easy and manageable for my busy girl-on-the-go life. This dress has become my go-to dress when I’m feeling hot and lazy, but I love to add some sneaks for a slice of fresh pizzaaaaz!

I like wearing this closet staple always with a splash of color-the lipstick I’m wearing in this post is Chanel Incandescent…it’s one of the only “fire engine reds” that’s truly done right.



P.S. * Try a pair of rounded cat-eye glasses for an instant chic update!

(Photos by Eve)



Hey guys!

I had the privilege of interviewing a very inspiring young woman last month. Lucy Akin is the creator and owner behind one of the hottest online retailers in Los Angeles. Her site, SHOP SUPER STREET , is one of my favorite online boutiques because she always has the most unique & talented new designers like Hyein Soo and Sandy Liang. Not to mention, the site is super clean and full of eye candy that can leave you sifting endlessly through her chic (and I mean chiccc!!) collection.

Lauren: Tell us about yourself, Super Street, and how you got the ball rolling on SST?

Lucy: I have been interested in fashion pretty much my whole life. My parents would catch me lying on my back as a toddler just staring at my shoes for a couple hours a day. So it was a no-brainer for me to pursue a career in fashion. Shop Super Street first came to me when I saw a need for a mix between skateboard brands and high-fashion. Mixing the two was so prevalent within the fashion world but nothing was reflecting this need online yet. I loved brands like Huf, Odd Future, Bianca Chandon and Palace but could never find them on any women’s fashion sites. So when I was ready to pull the trigger on my own company, I reached out to my network to see who would support me. I was surprised with how much people were willing to work with me and believed in my project. And that’s how it all started…

Lauren: What do you think sets your company apart from other major retailers(online and in store)?

Lucy: I think what is special about my site is that I’m offering unexpected items on a site with very high-end brands. I’m mixing Moschino with Odd Future, which are two very different pricepoints but in my opinion they share the same message. The girl who is carrying a Moschino Barbie backpack would totally wear a sweatshirt with a big donut on it from Odd Future. She also is mixing in a Baron Von Fancy lighter or a Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. Each item is super special but shares the same message across the site.

Lauren: Do you think being a buyer for Satine for several years has influenced your choice of current designers featured on SST?

Lucy: After working at Satine, I have a really great grasp on what girls are drawn to. I had the privilege of buying for a very fashionable set who shopped at Satine in Los Angeles and I understand what things they like and what brands they are after. Brands like Moschino and Rochas have a cult following and being able to represent them online with my brand mix has been great.

Lauren: What do you want people to know about Super Street?

Lucy: I really get a lot of enjoyment out of providing cool items to girls who are excited about the mix on my site. I think what I want people to know is that each item has been specially thought out and brought to the site with the hopes of someone getting it and loving it forever. It means a lot to me that so many people have found pieces from me that they made the decision to add to their wardrobes.

Thank you Lucy for taking the time to interview with us!

(photos by Molly)

some rooftop in the valley


(Laura Urbinati swimsuit)

Hey guys!!

I wanted to share an exciting new addition to Adorn la Femme! I am going to start featuring my lifestyle/ beach days on sunny west coast with you! Don’t get me wrong, I love sharing with you guys about my day to day outfits (don’t worry that won’t change), but, I really want to share with you who I am, and what I like to do in my free time-and I thought to myself, what better way to do it than bumming around at the beach!

In California, there are no snow days, but everyday is a beach day…so with that being said, I am going to be posting a lot of my new favorite swimwear designers, my go-to local restaurants on Abbot Kinney, and all of the beaches you will find me at! (you can find all these posts filed under beach vibes).

Thank you always for following along! :)



(Photos by Rafaela Carrillo)

sweet buttery rush


Okay, okay…so I have to admit, I am the epitome of a sugar addict. Yes, its true, I would choose a cake or a sugary treat over a five star meal any day…which brings me to my adventures at Magnolia Bakery on 3rd st. (West Hollywood, CA). Magnolia is originally from NYC but has graced us with it delicious presence here on the west coast. Not only does this place have THE BEST homemade banana pudding, but the most mouth watering butter cream cupcakes in the universe (I’m not even kidding).  If you’re ever in LA, this place is worth the visit!

I hope you all have a fun weekend!



(Photos by Eve)

icing on the cupcake


(Isabel Marant tank-similar here, Reformation skirtsimilar hereSuperga sneakers, Theirry Lasry sunnies)

Hey guys!

I got bored with my clothes again (as most of us do)-but when I dedicated a good hour to go through my wardrobe  the other night, I found two pieces that I thought I  had lost for sure…so, I basically was like-cool, I’m gonna throw these two pieces together and see what I get! Ha! I am pretty pleased with my new makeshift lace bodysuit thingy! Woo hoo!!

P.S. for a neutral look-try adding some bubble-gum pink accents to your look…its super fun and fresh, and totally makes your whole outfit pop!

Hope you guys are having a great Thursday!



(Photos by Eve)

chicken legs + tutus


(Nightwalker velvet top-similar here, Christoph Lemaire skirt-similar here, Rochas flats, Phillip Lim clutch, Tulest star choker)

My true personality really comes through with the way I dress myself-this skirt had my name written all over it because it reminded me of my childhood ballet days and the countless hours I would spend dreaming of being on stage as a Sugar Plum Fairy.

This skirt has been in my closet for ages, but I always like to bring it out when I’m in a playful mood! Sometimes throwing an unexpected shoe with a feminine silhouette changes the whole vibe and you can really learn the art of recycling what you already own :)

Try to re-use one of your all time favorite pieces at least twice this week! You’ll be amazed at the results you find with limited resources :)

(Photos by Eve)

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