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Look Du Jour

Chanel bathing suit (no longer available)currently coveting this one here

Topshop Ashley shorts – shop here

Shoes Like Pottery low-tops – shop here

Most days you can find me here, soaking up the dewy morning sunshine, and just enjoying the bluest of blue waters. This is Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA. This perfect oceanic view is all thanks to these epic Sunset Cliffs making the best possible perch of all time.

I’ve been at the beach kiiiiind of a lot lately, so my hair has been salty and full…to give it some extra volume, my mom suggested I try pin curls! With damp ocean hair, separate hair into sections, twist piece of hair into a loop…and then finally secure with bobby pins! If you want to feel like a beachy peach, give it a try.

(Photos by Eve Dimesky)

lounge lizard


(Chanel Camellia white lace halter swimsuit)

Hey guys!

I was lucky enough to escape from LA for a couple of days to visit my parents in San Diego! My mom and I decided to take a spa day at the lovely Rancho Valencia Resort & Spa-which is literally right around the corner from her house! (weeeee!)

The swimsuit I decided to wear is a older runway Chanel-I am starting to explore the underground world of swimwear…there are so many styles and fabrics that don’t get enough exposure. My goal is to bring you guys the most fun, unexpected, and inspiring swimsuit creations that I find! (remember all these posts will be under my beach vibes page)

I hope you guys are getting excited about summer-happy swimsuit hunting!!



P.S. Just because you are at the beach or pool, doesn’t mean you can’t get creative with your jewelry- try adding a simple earring or bracelet to give your look a touch of class!

(Photos by Eve)

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