sleepless in LA


Look Du Jour

H&M Cotton Pajamas 

Tom Ford Sunnies

Alexander McQueen Mules (older)

C.F. Goldman Bustier 

I woke up this morning in my new H&M pajamas, went down to the kitchen to make my routine good ol’ cup a Joe.  But to my surprise (gasps!), there was but just one measly bean in the bottom of the bag. :(   Instead of hopping in the shower, I dared to wear these pjs out of the house…my way.

I crossed the line (i.e. my front door), jumped into my car and said to myself “I’m gonna give these little jammies a run for their money”.  Of course, I couldn’t wear these babies out as their unsartorialized version of themselves.  So before hitting the road, I decided they would appreciate getting out of their comfort zone with a brand new makeover!

It must have come to me in a dream, that my white quilted bustier (sitting mateless in my closet) would be the perfect match for my cafe chic adventure in West Hollywood!  “We got this, my beloved Starbucks companions”!  Bless their little hearts, for keeping me cool, confident and caffeinated all summer long!

Kisses, Lauren

(Photos by Eve Dimesky & Photo Editing by Tom Carter)

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