ballet in the valley


Look Du Jour (activewear)

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Audra velvet warm-up leggings (old)

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I dedicate ALL of my Sundays to ballet class.  Ballet has not only been a life changing experience for me, it has also helped me with health issues surrounding my spine.  Upon rediscovering ballet (from my childhood), I have a new sense of grace, poise, and endurance that I never saw in myself before!

If anyone in the LA area wants to take a class with me, I go to the Align Ballet Studios (Silverlake, Santa Monica, West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Downtown LA).  My teacher, Grace Allison, is one of the best teachers I have ever come across!


(Photos by Eve Dimesky)

delicately laced


Look Du Jour

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Most days you can find me here, soaking up the dewy morning sunshine, and just enjoying the bluest of blue waters. This is Ocean Beach in San Diego, CA. This perfect oceanic view is all thanks to these epic Sunset Cliffs making the best possible perch of all time.

I’ve been at the beach kiiiiind of a lot lately, so my hair has been salty and full…to give it some extra volume, my mom suggested I try pin curls! With damp ocean hair, separate hair into sections, twist piece of hair into a loop…and then finally secure with bobby pins! If you want to feel like a beachy peach, give it a try.

(Photos by Eve Dimesky)

kat power


Look Du Jour

Spanish Vintage Moss dress

Shoes Like Pottery canvas sneakers

Delvaux bag

Hermes Kelly Dog Extreme cuff

Here is an ode to 90s candy stripes, jelly bags, and low-tops. Feeling like one big giant skittle is fun, you should try it sometime!

Kisses, Lauren

(Photos by Eve Dimesky)



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